About Us


About The 'I AM Mindful Market'

The 'I AM Mindful Market' is much more than a vendor fair or pop-up market. This market is about fostering community, mindfulness and well-being. 

We are the GTA's most POSITIVE market, showcasing vendors whose products and services are rooted in all things wellness and love. Whether this means that a vendor's products use natural ingredients, are holistically made or are simply handcrafted with love, we are SO excited to be centred around such greatness. 

Each market will feature vendors of all sorts, ranging from all things BABY, ADULT and IN BETWEEN! This market is for EVERYONE.


We Give Back!

The very best part?

We GIVE BACK. The 'I AM Mindful Market' is a market that, considering its mindful nature, gives back to charity / community organizations. Each market will focus on a unique organization and profits will be raised in their name. Being able to support like minded people in our community who are in need is the very best, most rewarding part of such an inspiring community organization. 

Ways we give back:

  • Vendor Fee (percentage goes toward the charity chosen) 
  • Raffle Table (all money raised) 
  • Sponsors


How We Started

The 'I AM Mindful Market" came to fruition, when founder, Kelsie Josephs, decided that "vendor fairs need INTENTION". 

Author of children's book, My "I AM" Song, Kelsie decided that much like her book, she wanted to create a market that was rooted in LOVE and positivity. By fostering such amazing intentions through a community organization, she believes that people will come together for something greater than themselves, spreading love and light.